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    Dear Bob, here are some photos of my life here on the campus of Concordia Seminary. I love kids, working with the grounds crew, swimming, playing with my dog friends, and especially my own family people.
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    April 01, 2011



    Good topic for discussion. In the case of the Collinsville mayorial race, although I feel Mr. Achenbach is an intelligent person, I don't see anything the current regime has done wrong to make me feel Miller should go.

    I agree with all of your points. My, look how Collinsville has improved over the last decade! Say what you want about the supposed "highest sales tax rate in the region", which is in contradiction to the Nov/Dec "Collinsville Scoop":


    To be honest, I really don't care. I can shop Collinsville and know that my money is staying here. A perfect example of not having the services I want is the loss of both the Chrysler and Chevrolet dealerships here in town. If I want either of those brand vehicles, I now have to go somewhere else. So, kudos to the administration and economic development staff who brought Collinsville Crossing, Kohls, upgraded the Orchards, and helped establish a more vibrant downtown.

    Then there's all the hubbub regarding city taxes being too high. Cut the utility tax? If you think dropping limb pick up was a big deal, be ready for some of your essential services such as law enforcement, fire, street, etc. being reduced. And speaking of taxes, has anyone really looked at their tax bill lately? The city's portion of my tax bill has gone down from 2006 in a greater percentage than that of the school district. By the way, most of our tax bills go to the school district. If there is any place where a mindful eye should be placed, it is there.

    TIF abuse? Maybe, but without it we would probably be a lot worse off than we are now. And as far as making up the tax difference between what was there and is there now? Until recently due to this web site, I didn't know that the city agreed some time ago to help finance the school district to the tune of about $750k per year - which they don't have to do by the way.

    Debt. We got it. Everyone does to some extent. It gets to be a problem when it's not manageable. Is current debt manageable? I honestly can't say, but if it wasn't I don't think we would have implemented the municipal bonds that created most of it. Didn't the school district pass a bond referendum years ago for about $60 million? How was it paid off (if it is)? Were taxes raised? Who's to say that the city can't do the same?

    In my opinion, I just don't see where the current city leaders have led us down a path to ruin. I would hate to have the minuscule amount of taxes I pay into the city cut and risk a loss in services. I think the city is healthier and better off than ever.

    Just my opinion.


    Thanks for the input, Chicken


    Tuesday will be a big day for voting here in Wisconsin too. Biggest race is the one for Supreme Court justice.

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