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    Dear Bob, here are some photos of my life here on the campus of Concordia Seminary. I love kids, working with the grounds crew, swimming, playing with my dog friends, and especially my own family people.
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    May 03, 2007



    Let's see: "Mission Accomplished" plus four years and supporters are calling it a tie. That's a huge failure. Another sports analogy? We're the Yankees (no pun intended) and the enemy is the '69 Mets. The Yankees didn't even make it to the playoffs. Iraq is going to be pure chaos whenever we do leave. Let's save American lives and get out as soon as we can. Staying longer isn't going to change what happens when we leave. If I thought there was a possibility for a better outcome by staying, I be all for it.


    You are absolutely right, Diane. This "furor" is ridiculous. I'm so tired of the media pouncing on some folks' statements, while ignoring other, more blatant ones. Did you see the Joe Biden comment to a rather startled looking supporter where he snarled "we're gonna shove it down his throat!" re President Bush. No outrage there.
    Wonder what would have happened if a Repub presidential candidate would have uttered that about Obama or Hillary?

    Larry Connor's look of shocked outrage mixed with disgust in the promo for the 10 p.m. news while he almost smacked his lips re John's comments was disgusting.


    God help us today's liberal democrats weren't in charge during world war II. i can just hear their calls now, when the battle of the bulge started. or the first losses in northern africa. we were way behind scedule on the first months after d-day. all is lost let's pull out now. who was a fault on the intelligence? was roosevlt hiding something? this was all a big mistake. it's not our war. it's europes war. let's go fight japan. they were the ones who attacked us, not the germans.

    liberal democrats do not want to see a victory in iraq. otherwise they would be coming up with a real plan for victory. you don't even hear them say anything substantial about afganistan.
    even hillary clinton says her pull out plan would mean keeping troops in iraq for many years. in combat support roles.
    these critics just despise george bush and still are sore over the 2000 election.


    Ron, U couldn't B more wrong. I hope the surge works, but if it doesn't it's time to see the handwriting on the wall. This is not WWII, how can you compare it? But it's easier for you wingers to rant about liberals than it is to look at the facts. It's not a winnable situation. We should never have attacked Iraq in the first place; but having done that we should do our best. If we've been doing our best and four plus years later it's a "tie" (Shimkus), then it's time to reconsider. How long to you propose we keep killing people (and having our own killed) to support a "tie"? And quite honestly, I don't think it's a tie. And don't give me a whine about what you think about liberals - tell me what your solution is.


    The man barely graduated West Point & only spent the mandatory 6 yrs active duty. He's been a weekend warrior ever since & even stopped meetings after he was elected. He has no combat experience. He just spent time in the Fulda Gap during the Cold War. With illusions of the definition of "leader", he's a paper LTC that simply follows "The Commander Guy".

    The Cubs are real people. American citizens born in this country, some not, standing in front of an American flag before every game reciting the Pledge. Calling them terrorists is unjustifiable even in an analogy. As people, they deserved better from someone who almost became a Lutheran minister espousing Faithfulness, Servanthood, Responsiveness, Excellence.

    I won't even suggest the much-deserved apology. We both know that no matter how huge the mistake, John Shimkus does not admit accountability or responsibility.

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