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    Dear Bob, here are some photos of my life here on the campus of Concordia Seminary. I love kids, working with the grounds crew, swimming, playing with my dog friends, and especially my own family people.
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    November 17, 2006



    no surprise with those findings. don't you just love those liberals in places like new york upper east side and beverly hills talking about the plight of the poor at one of those fancy cocktail parties which they got to by driving there 5 mile per gallon hummer or mercedes, when the best they can do is high illegal immigrants and then not pay their social security. of course , there is the middle class liberal and poor liberal wanting the govenment to raise everyones taxes for their special handout. wouldn't it be fun to be one of those rich liberals and and advocate everyone paying higher taxes, while sitting around drinking 20 year old single malt scotch and bragging how your tax attorney just saved you millions by setting up the newest tax shelter. of course, as the study points out the poor and the needy aren't going to see much of that money.


    comments form the folks at power point. Senator John Edwards liberal hypocrisy.
    This reminds me of Peter Schweizer's excellent book, Do As I Say, Not As I Do. Schweizer's book contains highly entertaining recitations of mind-boggling liberal hypocrisy. (In fact, now that Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House, we should dust off his profile of her.) But beyond mocking liberals, Schweizer makes a more profound point: when conservatives act in a hypocritical manner, violating their own principles, they go astray and screw up their lives. When iberals, on the other hand, act hypocritically, they usually are also acting reasonably. They find their principles hard to follow in their own lives in part because their principles are wrong.

    This case is a good example. Edwards recited the very silly liberal critique of Wal-Mart as a threat to low-income people. His aide, however, when charged with buying the Senator a PS3, quite reasonably went to Wal-Mart because he knew he would get the best price there. Which is, of course, why Wal-Mart is one of the greatest boons to people of modest means in recent history. Edwards should learn from his aide, not criticize him


    According to CNN cost of living calculator:

    Salary in New York (Manhattan) NY: $100,000
    Comparable salary in Marshall County AL: $43,046.48

    If you move from New York (Manhattan) NY to Marshall County AL…

    Groceries will cost: 28.77% less
    Housing will cost: 78.669% less
    Utilities will cost: 41.379% less
    Transportation will cost: 20.983% less
    Healthcare will cost: 39.198% less

    Nearly 50% of all liberals live in (more expensive) urban areas, while nearly 50% of all conservatives live in the (less expensive) south. So what I want to know is, did the writer compare apples to apples? Are his income groups set up to account for cost of living? When calculating percentage of income given to charity does he use income after taxes and cost of living? If he does, then he needs to compare New York liberals who make $100,000 with Alabama conservatives who make closer to $40,000. I think we’ll see a much different picture. Otherwise, he is just lying with statistics.

    Also, when a a guy who works at the American Enterprise Institute says he is shocked that conservatives come out looking better in his study than liberals, I’m skeptical.

    Larry Burks II

    As a novie researcher I'd like to see what methods he used in researching this topic. I saw coverage of this study on the O'Reilly show, if he did this using the same methods discussed on the show, the results are questionable.

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