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    Dear Bob, here are some photos of my life here on the campus of Concordia Seminary. I love kids, working with the grounds crew, swimming, playing with my dog friends, and especially my own family people.
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    June 29, 2006



    why the opposition to a toll bridge? toll bridges and toll authorities are used throughout the country. toll bridge from san francisco to oakland charges $3,for example. golden gate bridge chares $5. all these bridges offer reduced toll for carpooking and fast passes. what a novel idea. encourage people to car pool. sounds alike a good way to cut pollution. there are seven other toll bridges in athe bay area. the delaware toll authority operates 20 bridges throughout the area. tolls seem to work fine everywhere. the road being proposed by rahn for trucks is a seperate highway than I70 meaning all traffic would completely bypass st. louis area. so much for st. louis being a warehousing/shipping hub for the country. blagojevich should be doing something to make illinois a better place for good paying jobs. then employers would be locating in illinois and our residents would not have to drive to missouri.


    I agree about trucks driving like idiots in the metro-east area. I regularly get pushed out of the merge lane or out of my driving lane because some idiot trucker is dozing off, playing with his CB radio, or just plain out to harass an innocent motorist. My wife and I have almost been smashed up several times due to these bad drivers.

    The scary thing is, half of them have the worst kind of type-A personality road rage, the kind that makes them aggressive in the driver's seat of an 18 wheeler. Any of them who get a ticket or get hurt in a wreck deserve every bit of it as their whole industry does very little to enusre higher safety standards are met.

    An example - I was nearly run off the road in rush hour traffic by a beligerent trucker a year ago. I got his plates and number off the back of the truck and phoned in to the company to complain. They took down the info. A month later I saw the exact same truck and the same driver acting like a redneck idiot just the same. I called the company back and they said there was no record in the previous 6 months of any incident from this driver. I about lost it on the phone with them.

    The best way people can respond is to take down a description and plates of the truck, call over your cell phone to the police, and report the trucker immediately. There are often cops stationed on interstates around the metro east, and they can quickly find and pull over one of these menaces to society.

    My wife, who works for a grocer, has also busted truckers who "lost" loads of goods...they were really stealing them. These bubbas run interference between the shipping warehouse and the retail store, blaming inventory problems on both parties, which deflects the heat off of them. Sadly, many of them go undetected.

    Despite the "benefit" of the allgeded service we get from these truckers hauling stuff around for all of us, their dangers far outweigh their worth in my opinion. There's got to be a different or safer way to ship stuff from point A to point B.


    Pat, do truckers still use CB radios? I would have thought they'd have come up with a more technically modern system by now.


    Diane, I've seen some CB's, and many using cell phones. I think CB's were safer since there's basically 1 button - the push to talk button. With all the features on cell phones truckers are likely to get even more distracted.

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