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    Dear Bob, here are some photos of my life here on the campus of Concordia Seminary. I love kids, working with the grounds crew, swimming, playing with my dog friends, and especially my own family people.
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    May 26, 2014


    Mary Kruta

    Plus, they are going to be working on the MLK in the middle of all of this. The first few weeks should be a nightmare. People will finally get used to which lanes are closed and then they will switch it up.

    Diane Meyer

    oh no not the MLK too, I did not pay attention to that. There goes our alternate westbound route.


    Like most predictions about the I64 corridor upgrades and improvements, this upgrade and improvement will probably not be as bad as some predict and expect. Drivers, ultimately, adjust their driver habits. When this project is done, the egress and ingress approaches to I55/I64 will be vastly improved. The bridge and highways will be safer.

    Frank K

    Has to be done. The exits on the Missouri side are a nightmare and cause most of the crashes and tie ups. Biggest thing not mentioned. They are going to start to resurface the Poplar Street bridge with an experimental concrete surface, which I predict will crack and break up with the extreme cold and heavy (weight) traffic. I like the Experimental epoxy surface they installed last year on the Missouri side. It held up in the extremely cold Winter.

    Diane Meyer

    It's ironic that anyone who travels the Poplar knows, as Frank said, that it is that exit to 44 which jams up the traffic and causes accidents and near misses. That is what should have been fixed ahead of a new bridge. The new bridge is sort of a niche bridge, useful only for those needing 70-the route used by fewer.

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